I wonder how many times she defended the EXACT SAME claim from Republicans over the last 4 years?
Doesn’t look psycho at all does she?
#1. Not about disagreeing with her. It’s about her hypocrisy and the fact she looks psycho. I told no lies fool. #2. Has God himself called people names? Yes. God sets the standard on ALL things. You can disagree with his standard but that’s only your opinion, YOU set NO standards. SPOILER ALERT: God will NOT be very “kind” to the unsaved. In fact, he’s gonna hurt some feelings.
Fakebook and their fake time stamps.
More fake time stamps

Fools just line up, it’s like a damn retard convention and they all rush right up. Ms. Klomp is the easiest to deal with here. Regardless of your political preferences or anything else the TRUTH is she is clearly a hypocrite. If you can’t accept that then this page isn’t for you my friend. And she DOES look psycho, I believe my exact words were “Psycho looking brawd”, implying she looks like a psycho yes? THAT is an opinion, unless you can prove she doesn’t look like a psycho why does Backdoor Darryl even chime in with his 2 cents? [Which ironically is what he has left after Biden’s tax rates despite being boosted from $8 per hour to $15 in one dumbass nose dive.]

Robin Williams, in what unmaintained truck stop restroom have you been in all my life? Did you NOT read WTF was said on this thread OR, did you see a Christian call out a baby killing Biden supporter and say “Has to be a Trump supporter”? Look, if I wasn’t a Christian I would have voted for Trump because…well…I understand economics, I work for a living and because I’m not mentally retarded enough to vote for a baby killing pedophile and think he’s going to create a better world for my children or theirs. I didn’t vote however because 1. Trump is a Zionist [As is Pedo Joe] and because there is no verse that says God will send us an orange savior. Nowhere in scripture does it say ANYONE other than Jesus Christ is my savior. Nowhere does it say the worst parts of the end times can be avoided if we just vote for Trump. The people that fall for this also believe in a pre-trib rapture and other BS doctrines.

Darryl Troll, ER, Knoll…where to start with this brokeback bitch boy? He clearly knows of God only what the world wants to believe, that Christ loves everyone and we have to be nice and love everyone blah, blah, blah [I call this character “Hippie Jesus”.] He is unfamiliar with the God of the Bible. I can go and explain who God is from a biblical standpoint however I would go way off the topic I wanted to cover here today. I WILL talk in large amounts of my God and my redeemer however and I encourage anyone to walk away from Hippie Jesus as he does not save. My Lord came as a lamb and he was killed, we will return as a lion and he’s gonna make a lot of people cry…to put it in terms menstruating male liberals would understand.

Considering however my last stink in the Fakebook clink was because I called a man that denied the existence of God a fool, what other reason would I have to have a “fake” profile? YES I was thrown in Fakebook jail for citing scripture.

Psalm 14 The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God. They are corrupt, they have done abominable works, there is none that doeth good.

I stopped responding to him at this point as I know I was approaching yet another cyber cell. I have multiple accounts specifically for this reason. I paid for my own domain for THIS reason. Yes Drippy Dick Darryl, “that’s why”. Hell, for the very limited text I have put in to this point I’d have an account completely shut down over on Fakebook 1984. Limp Dick Darryl here is anxiously awaiting for Pedo Joe’s Chinese Covid Anal Tests to hit the state side market, that’ll brighten his mood no doubt. I’m not saying Liberals are gay or anything like that. I’m merely stating that in my opinion they tend to get colonoscopies about 20 years earlier than they actually need to start worrying about it, probably for global warming prevention purposes I’m sure.

I thank these three dumb shits for forcing me to take the time to get this page going. In the future I will have podcasts and videos too while I cover topics from God and his word to politics to sports. Feel free to leave a comment, hit me up.